In Order to Keep Present Clients, And Get Future Ones, You’ll Have To Be a Great Realtor. Read These Tips

Contacts and clients have lots of questions when they embark on the home buying process, so responding as quickly as possible, even if you tell them you have to call them back, demonstrates that you appreciate their choice in you. If you’re indisposed at the moment, politely excuse yourself from the current conversation and send a quick text message. Real estate agents must be able to leverage technology that’s found in every facet of their personal and professional lives.

That means more than just having a smartphone in your pocket; it means using tools like digital signatures, portal profiles, your own updated website, apps and social media. While you don’t need to adopt all the latest and greatest apps and software that becomes available, keeping tabs on the ones most relevant to helping your workflow shows clients that you’re up-to-date on technology.

Love them or hate them, portals like Zillow and Trulia are tools that many buyers and sellers often use as a starting point for information — and something they will probably ask you about. Buyers might have already browsed the site before you meet, and sellers might be anxious to ask you the numbers they saw on there. You must be prepared to expertly discuss how these portals work and how you plan to use them in the home buying or selling process.

An aggressive, sales-heavy approach can leave them wondering if their agent cares more about the bottom line than helping buyers and sellers fulfil their home dreams. Explaining to clients how the process works gives them insight into why you employ the tactics you do. Most consumers don’t have the extensive knowledge or expertise that real estate agents have when it comes to buying or selling a home. They can naturally feel leery about trusting an outsider with what is likely the biggest purchase of their lives. Being open and honest when they have questions helps build the foundation for a long-term relationship that pays off for both of you.

Most important, don’t lie to people. It never pays off and beyond the legal ramifications for playing fast and loose with the truth for the sake of closing a sale, it destroys the chances for any future business or referrals from that client. Many consumers can feel their agent doesn’t listen to their needs, whether that’s buyers being presented with homes that aren’t anywhere near what they’re looking for, or sellers who don’t understand that they have options. Just as an agent’s time is money, a lead or client’s time is just as important.

Real estate is all about building and maintaining relationships; personality counts for everything and sometimes, for whatever reason, people simply don’t click. If being a “people person” doesn’t come naturally, it will take patience and practice to learn how to relate to people and make a genuine connection with them.

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One thought on “In Order to Keep Present Clients, And Get Future Ones, You’ll Have To Be a Great Realtor. Read These Tips

  1. Peyton

    There are lots of good realtors. You hear people complain all the time about them, but in my opinion, the biggest complaint people make is that their realtor isn’t as available as they’d have liked them to be. Well…sorry, but you are not their only client. To make a living, they have to have numerous houses on the market at any given time. They can’t devote all of their time to one particular client, otherwise, they’d be broke. They don’t get paid until they sell a house.


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